Friday, 22 February 2013

Dawn of the Bunny Suicides

Title: Dawn of the Bunny Suicides
Series: Books of the Bunny Suicides #3
Author: Andy Riley
Pages: 160 (paperback)
Published: December 3rd 2010
Published by: Hodder & Staughton

From the author of the cult bestsellers THE BOOK OF BUNNY SUICIDES and RETURN OF THE BUNNY SUICIDES comes another unmissable collection of rabbit-related self destruction...

The bunnies are back - and there's only one thing on their minds. In this new collection, follow the continuing adventures of the fluffy little rabbits who just don't want to live any more...

So, I know this isn't a real book really, but the book I was planning on reviewing this week I haven't actually quite finished - The Count of Monte Cristo, 1228 pages down, 36 to go! - so I'm cheating a little bit. Plus, this is a great book in it's own way! It's funny and inventive, and a little sad a times. The bunnies are pretty darn cute, and you can't help feel sorry for them.

While you laugh at some of the ways they think up of killing themselves off, of course.

There are many pop culture references in there too, with Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and James Bond all making appearances as accidental accomplices in the sometimes potentially quite messy deaths.

Even my grandparents found it funny! They were rather confused when I showed it to them, not really understanding why anyone would want a book about rabbits committing suicide, but they too were soon laughing at many of the cartoons.

A nice, quick, incredibly entertaining read collection of cartoons for your perusal!


  1. Thank you for bringing these books to my attention. I had never heard of them. Because of your review, I purchased all three in hardcover. Woo hoo!

    1. Always happy to spread the joy :) Hope you enjoy all of them!