Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Author Interview - Martin Hopkins

I have Martin Hopkins, author of Cracks in the Pavement and Old Man in Window, here for my very first author interview. Woo!

So Martin, why don't you tell us a little about yourself.
Hello! Some days I have a beard, other days not so much...especially if I slip and take off a sideburn. I loved reading adventure books and watching films as a teenager, which I still do, but I didn't start writing them until my early twenties, a late bloomer!

Random question! What is your favourite type of biscuit?
Gold Bar, if I'm feeling flush, a plain digestive biscuit if I'm low-down broke.

Well, I can honestly say I've never even heard of Gold Bar - must be pretty classy!
What are you reading at the moment?

'Ripley's Game' by Patricia Highsmith. I loved 'The Talented Mr Ripley', the book is great and the film is even better (which is rare). He is a very complicated character. A mistake on the cover art of the book led me down the garden path to believe this was the follow-up to 'Talented'. Apparently it is the third in the series. Doh! 'Ripley Underground' could be the second one, although I don't trust the cover art on this one either...I'm confused!

I'm always quite afraid of that happening - it's so annoying when they don't make it clear! I assiduously check to make sure before I buy anything.
Where did the inspiration for Cracks in the Pavement come from?

The novel came from a sadness I felt, in regards to the class system still being predominant in modern day Britain. There is such a huge wealth gap in society and the worst part is it doesn't have to be this way. Why do we have to have one person sitting on a throne, eating cupcakes, at one end of the spectrum and another person sitting alone on a cold concrete path at the other? Or worse, naked in the dessert, starving, dying from AIDS at 4 years old...It makes no sense to me.

Most people want to climb higher in life; social status, money, power and all that 'important' stuff. Some people don't give a shit. It perpetuates the class hierarchy and keeps the economy going. Little guy in his place down there (stay where you are!), big lady, in more ways than one, striving to break through the next glass ceiling way up there (keep going you can make it...no matter how many others you have to step over). Simple man, enjoying ignorant bliss, floating somewhere in the middle. Carry on reading here...

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